The 2011 Doctor/Amy Awards

You are all I ever remember

You are all I ever remember
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Welcome to the Unofficial 2011 Doctor/Amy Fandom Awards!

We are dedicated to looking back at all the glorious fandom work that has been done in the past year. Our focus is to acknowledge everyone who has put effort into the Doctor/Amy relationship, whether it be shippy, friendshippy, or UST. We welcome any genre, rating, or type of fandom work.

Who are we?
We are a team of fans who want to reward fans for their beautiful work. We were inspired by the Doctor/River Fan Awards and decided to create our own awards. Our team includes themuslimbarbie, tasty_kate, estherthomas, and a_phoenixdragon.

All characters are the property of BBC's Doctor Who. We gain no profit from our unofficial awards; we only want to acknowledge the hard work that has gone into this fandom. No copyright infringement is intended.

Want to Nominate?
Nominations don't open until January 1st, but you can get a head start by checking out out Nomination Categories.

Be sure to check out our Timeline and Rules post.